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Anthony Renshaw has been doing civil work on the Kapiti Coast and throughout the greater Wellington Region since January 2000.

Anthony spent several years working for other Civil Contractors around the greater Wellington area, doing everything from drainage to landscaping to bulk dig-outs before heading to Christchurch. He worked for an asphalt company for 18 months around the greater Canterbury region, doing asphalt prep and concrete prep work and bulk dig-outs with a small team of guys before moving back to the North Island.

The inception of Renshaw Civil Ltd. in 2017 came about because he knew there was a gap in the market for a quality small contractor. During the years Anthony has worked in Kapiti and the greater Wellington region. He has established excellent relationships with local and regional suppliers and sub-contractors. He works alongside excellent tradespeople who share his passion for quality civil work at an affordable price.

Civil Contracting Services


  • Foundations, footing & compaction works
  • Trench excavation for pools, drainage, foundations etc
  • Soil & topsoil removal
  • Drilling
  • Earthworks and civil works
  • Retaining wall systems


  • Professional house demolition
  • Residential demolition
  • Concrete breaking

General Contracting

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The Benefits Of Working With Us

More Flexibility And Better Customer Service

As they say, the bigger the ship, the longer it takes to turn. Renshaw Civil Ltd. is a quality small civil contracting company, which means that we can turn quickly and with ease. We are more flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of our clients, which is why they love working with us.

We love to work closely with our clients to better understand their unique requirements and then tailor our services accordingly. This level of customisation is often not possible with larger companies, which often have more rigid processes and procedures in place.

In addition to being more flexible, we offer a more personalised service and pay greater attention to detail. Because Renshaw Civil Ltd. is an owner-operated business, Anthony is closely involved in day-to-day operations, which allows us to be more responsive to our clients’ needs and to provide better customer service.

More Cost-Effective And Reliable

As a small civil contracting company, we are able to work more efficiently and at a lower cost than larger companies. We have lower overhead costs and are therefore able to pass these savings on to our clients in the form of lower prices. This is a huge plus for clients who are working on a budget but still want quality workmanship and service.

Generally speaking, smaller contractors are known for being more reliable and trustworthy, having a reputation for delivering quality work as well as for being honest and transparent in their business dealings. This is critical in the building and construction industry, where trust and reliability are key factors in building relationships and establishing a good reputation.

More Skilled And Experienced

It may come as a surprise, but smaller contractors like ours tend to be more experienced and skilled than larger companies. This is because companies like Renshaw Civil Ltd. are started after gaining years of experience working for larger companies. This means that you are working with someone who has seen it all and has learned how to do things better and smarter.

Thanks to Anthony’s ample experience, we have a well-established and honed set of skills and expertise, which allows us to provide high-quality construction work. Thanks to this experience, we also have a solid understanding of local building codes, regulations, and best practices.



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