For many people, the services provided by civil earthworks can be confusing. In general, earthworks are engineering works that are carried out in granular soil. The process can involve the movement of a portion of the earth’s surface from one location to a new position. Typical earthworks might involve road construction, railways, causeways, dams and canals.

As one of the oldest jobs in the world, civil earthworks is the construction of infrastructure involving water, earth and transport. Expert civil engineers are needed to carry out the vital maintenance, design, and construction of these different environments. Other examples might include roads, water reservoirs,, airports, bridges, sewer systems and tunnels. Civil earthwork contractors are usually responsible for designing the project, then afterwards they will construct and build it.

Civil earthwork contractors can also offer pre-construction services. Civil earthwork contractors will be responsible for the collaboration between any workers involved in the construction project.

Other examples of earthworks projects might include muck shift, pond and lake construction and carriageway construction. Due to the complicated nature that civil earthworks can demand, there is a quality of technical expertise and professionalism required to undergo any project.

To summarise, earthwork is a critical part of any construction project because it provides a strong foundation for new structures. To add to that, earthwork helps everything runs smoothly and safely throughout the remainder of the project. Without good earthwork, structures would be built on shaky grounds.

Renshaw Civil Ltd can offer you civil earthwork services.

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