Demolition is an important part of many construction projects. Whether a building has sustained heavy damage, has lost its stability or needs to be replaced with a newer building, many construction projects will require a building to be demolished.

Demolition refers to the process of knocking down, dismantling or destroying a building or structure. This may sound simple on paper, but as expert residential demolition contractors there are many step involved to ensure a safe and efficient demolition.

What is involved in the demolition process?

To ensure that a demolition is done in a timely manner with no accidents, there are four important steps that must be carried out:

  • Surveying: Checking all the elements of a building, such as materials, design and building codes, to determine the best demolition method.
  • Removing hazardous materials: Materials that could cause injuries or accidents, such as asbestos minerals and flammable or radioactive materials, are identified and safely removed from the area.
  • Demolition plan: Developing a suitable plan to safely demolish the structure. Important details to include are the location of the building, its proximity to other buildings and the suitable demolition methods to be used.
  • Safety measures: Ensuring that all on-site personnel are informed of the plan and of any preventative measures and are wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Different methods of demolitions

Depending on the design of a structure and the materials used in construction, there are several methods of demolition that may be used. These are split into two categories:

  • Implosive: This method uses explosives to destroy the support of a building, causing it to collapse. The structure can be made to fall sideways or collapse on itself.
  • Non-explosive: This method involves the use of hand-operated tools and machinery, such as sledgehammers, bulldozers and wrecking balls.

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