In Wellington’s competitive housing market, finding the ideal spot for a new home can be an uphill battle. Often, you have to purchase land that’s already in use, and demolish what’s there! Unfortunately, house demolition is a process that is widely misunderstood by potential homeowners, and isn’t as challenging as it may seem.

With the help of go-to residential construction contractors Renshaw Civil Ltd, here’s how to prepare your property for house demolition:

1. Take care of the legal formalities

The most important thing you must do to prepare your property for house demolition is to take care of all the legal formalities beforehand. This includes getting permission from a local planning authority, securing your permits, and employing a professional to carry out a thorough asbestos inspection to mitigate the risk of health hazards. Homeowners often forget to invest in necessary processes like a wildlife survey, too – it’s essential that your house demolition doesn’t affect the local wildlife, or your neighbour’s land.

2. Cut off all services to the property

Before the demolition process takes effect, which should be carried out by a reputable demolition contractor, all services must be cut off to your property. This includes your telephone line, gas, electricity, and even your water mains. Everything must go! This ensures that demolition runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

3. Place site fencing and scaffolding

Though a residential construction contractor like Renshaw Civil Ltd can often arrange this for you, it’s always a good idea to consider erecting site fencing and scaffolding around the demolition site. Unprotected land is at risk of crime and vandalism, and you also don’t want anyone to get hurt by wandering over the site unawares.

4. Ensure the removal of all hazards

As we’ve mentioned briefly, it’s essential that a professional carries out asbestos inspections and surveys of other health hazards before the demolition of your property. When asbestos is disturbed, it can seriously impact the health and wellbeing of those present on the site. Avoid this outcome by planning ahead with thorough inspection and removal services.

After this final step, demolition can proceed as planned to your budget and timescale. From the ‘soft strip’ of cabling and plumbing to the removal of the property’s structures, walls and foundations, preparing for demolition in advance makes the process much more efficient.

For house demolition services in Wellington that you can rely on, look to Renshaw Civil Ltd as reliable residential construction contractors. We offer expert house demolition services so you can repurpose your land into something brand-new. Eager to enquire? Contact us, today.

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