House demolition isn’t as simple as knocking through a wall with a hammer – though we all wish it could be! You can choose from different house demolition methods depending on your local regulations, the surrounding environment, and the timeline of your project. Each method is designed with a different goal and technique in mind.

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The different types of house demolition

There are three major types of house demolition for you to consider:

Manual Demolition – Here, hand tools are used to dismantle your home’s structure. This is best for small-scale projects, where a sledgehammer can be truly effective. Manual demolition is often slow-going, labour-intensive and highly-skilled; structural supports must be removed safely, and asbestos removed and avoided carefully.

High-Reach Demolition – Tall houses that are too large for manual demolition require high-reach methods. High-reach excavators and other specialised equipment are used to break these houses down. Something to bear in mind is that, while this method is more efficient and prioritises workers’ safety, your site must be accessible for the machinery required.

Explosive Demolition – Explosive demolition is as it sounds! Explosives are used to demolish your home. This is a method best when there’s limited space for machinery, or your home has a lot of floorspace, creating a larger footprint. Assuredly, explosive demolition requires flawless planning and expertise.

How to choose the right method

The main considerations for choosing your house demolition should involve, but are not limited to:

  1. Regulations and Permits – The Resource Management Act 1991 specifies several stipulations for demolition projects to meet in New Zealand. If a demolition would cause unnecessary damage to the surrounding environment, it won’t take place. Often, authority approval is required to begin demolition work too.
  2. Site-Specific Conditions – What are the soil conditions of your site? How close are you to a body of water? Do you have immediate neighbours? Could there be asbestos within your property? All of these queries refer to site-specific conditions that determine the appropriate demolition method.
  3. Budget – Although budget may not be as important as safety and environmental considerations, you can’t discount the role of budget constraints in choosing the right house demolition method. Some are far more expensive than others, and it’s important to make the best choice with the budget you have.

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