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House Demolition

Here at Renshaw Civil Ltd., we offer expert house demolition services. As residential demolition contractors in Wellington, we pride ourselves on offering superior service in a safe and dependable manner.

Why Would You Need House Demolition Services? 

 1) Make Way For Renovations 

In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to simply tear down what’s already there and rebuild from scratch than to attempt to renovate or remodel an old and deteriorating house. 

 2) Make Way For Land Development 

Removing a structure from a property is often required to develop the land for a new project. In order to build new structures, the land needs to be cleared and prepared, with new foundations poured so that a new construction project can occur.

 3) Safety 

Some houses may have been damaged by fires or other catastrophes and are therefore unsafe to live in and cannot be restored. The demolition of such structures is the best thing for the neighbourhood.

Keeping It Safe

We at Renshaw Civil Ltd believe that safe demolition is non-negotiable.

  • Planning

Before carrying out any demolition project, ensure that a thorough assessment of the site has been carried out so that any potential hazards or risks can be identified and mitigated when the demolition is carried out.

  • Preparation

We prepare the site before demolition begins by removing any hazardous materials and ensuring that unauthorized access is prevented.

  • Equipment

All of the workers involved in our demolitions are provided with the proper personal protective equipment so that they can avoid injury from falling debris or dust inhalation.

  • Debris Removal

We ensure that all of the debris from the demolition is safely removed to prevent any potential accidents from occurring after we have left the site. We make sure that all of the debris is removed in an environmentally considerate manner, taken off-site, recycled where possible, or transported to safe dumping sites as per regulations.

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